Guaranteed results every session for 3 months

Guaranteed results every session for 3 months

If your exercises do not enable you to continually lift heavier weights, then your exercises are not improving your strength, and as a result, you won’t cause any structural changes to your body. You will stay the same.

This means that kettlebells, kickboxing, playing with the dumbbells, pilates, yoga, bicycling, jogging, running, swimming, shuffleboard, gardening, balancing on colorful balls while waving chrome weights in the air, treadmilling, elliptical machining, stair-climbing, rock climbing, wood chopping, loading hay on a trailer, snow shoveling, air-squatting, push-upping, and chin-upping, is not strength training.

And as a result, these activities will not cause positive physical changes to your body, and if you tried them, you already know this!

These things may be hard, you may get tired doing them, and they may even make you sore, but they’re not strength training because they do not make you stronger.

Some of these things may require strength, but doing them cannot possibly develop strength because:

1) none of them are limited by your absolute strength,

2) they do not require constantly increasing force production.

3) they are not microloadable so cannot be progressed over the long term.

But all of them benefit from increased strength developed elsewhere.

In our gym, we focus on strength training, and since strength benefits everything else, Strength training improves everything else that you can do physically – including every item on the list above.

The importance of strength for health and wellbeing is now a mainstream topic. Doctors, Personal trainers, and popular culture have caught up to the idea that being physically capable, healthy, and looking good, are the result of being strong. Unfortunately, none of the previously mentioned people know how to achieve this.

Mainstream programs appeal to people’s lack of attention span and attraction to complexity. Unfortunately, convoluted workouts or WODs with constantly changing exercises don’t work. The best training programs are simple, and repeat the basics frequently, with a focus on progression.

Real strength training is largely inaccessible to the general public and is drowned out by industry trends and fad workouts.

Also, Many gyms pack large amounts of people (sometimes 30 or more) into exercise sessions using weights.

Controlling for technique in such numbers is not possible.

Moreover – Many mainstream exercise programs are fatigue seeking. Sweat, tiredness, and even vomiting, and injuries are worn like a badge of honor. This doesn’t make sense, the goal is to get stronger, feel better, and look better, not get more tired.

In addition, mainstream workouts are completely random in nature. Random workouts lack the organized programming required to produce efficient gains in strength. This is a key point, because building strength makes you leaner, gives the body shape, and makes you more physically capable.

Credit to practical programming for strength training by Rippetoe & Baker

Barbell Therapy has fixed these issues for you and created the only women’s strength Gym in The U.K built on Biology and physics. It’s designed to make beginners strong and does so at a speed that most personal trainers find astonishing.

As a result of getting stronger, your shape improves, and your metabolism is elevated, helping you to burn of body-fat in a sustainable way

Our approach puts biology first, ignores industry trends that are created purely for profit, or entertainment, and has no consideration for human biology pertaining to exercise. As a result of this, mainstream exercise programs produce lackluster results.

This means that everything you do during your workouts will be carefully tailored to your ability, and the goal of getting stronger, not more tired for the sake of being tired!

Strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general

Mark Rippetoe



The fitness industry relies on novelty and complexity instead of producing results. Our program is simple, hard, and effective. And that’s why it works.


The methods we use were refined through decades of coaching and millions of hours of refinement, to produce the most effective and efficient strength program in existence.

The training is based on Hans Selye’s general adaptation principle which is prevalent throughout biology


Other fitness programs rely on how you feel (tired, sore, and sweaty) after your workout. We produce results you can measure  week over week, month over month. If you can squat more today than you could last week, you’ve gotten stronger.

Results are guaranteed every session for the first three months, and every week thereafter for up to a year


Not supervision in a large class or guidance from an unqualified “trainer,” you get dedicated coaching and individual programming from a world-class strength coach.

Training sessions are capped at 4 trainees to facilitate quality coaching.

Everything is perfectly planned by your coach, who will be there to guide you through every training session.

The beautiful thing about training in an exclusive gym that specializes in one thing is that people are aware of each other’s goals. Everyone supports you and you’re surrounded by genuine excitement as you reach waypoints along your training journey. Everyone has shared goals!

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